Realize your constitutional right

with qualified help



personal-injuryI’m not an ambulance chaser – never have been, and never will be. You won’t see my face on the side of a bus, on a billboard, or on a phone book. I’m not that guy.

But it’s well-known that insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their payrolls. Shouldn’t you have one who will work for *you*?

I will aggressively fight for your right to be compensated if you’ve been injured and it’s not your fault. Accidents happen, but whoever caused it should pay for the consequences. That’s the law and it should be enforced, especially when your life and livelihood have been disturbed.

I deal with all aspects of automobile accidents – and bikers, I handle motorcycle accidents as well. I’ll also help you with your insurance claims that naturally result whenever such accidents occur.

Additionally, I handle slip-and-fall litigation and dog-bite cases.

Before you try to settle your case with a for-profit insurance company, contact me to discuss your case.