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with qualified help



criminalUnless you’re at K-Mart, flashing blue lights generally mean bad news for you. And talking to the police before hiring an attorney is never a good idea. Once the cops are involved, your mouth won’t help your case, but it will sure help them get more evidence against you.

Instead, you need to call an experienced criminal defense attorney who can perform immediate damage control and even beat the charges filed against you. I take control of your case from the moment you’re arrested to your very first appearance before a Magisterial District Judge or Municipal Court Judge, and I handle it all from simple traffic tickets to felony jury trials.

DUI charges are especially problematic because they can ultimately affect your ability to drive, and PennDOT can be brutal. I regularly handle DUI cases and help my clients keep their driver’s licenses. I can also help you keep your record clean by seeking expungement from the court whenever possible.

Some examples of other cases I consistently handle include:


Misdemeanors: Drug Possession
Theft and Access Device Fraud
Criminal Trespass
Resisting Arrest
Terroristic Threats
Felonies: Drug Sales/PWID
Aggravated Assault
Sexual Offenses
Summary Offenses: Speeding and other Traffic Tickets
Disorderly Conduct
Public Drunkenness

I’m especially concerned about obtaining the least restrictive consequences for my clients when a conviction is unavoidable and a plea agreement is reached. I’ll fight to get you an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), or house arrest, or time served on weekends only, or work release. I’m familiar with all of these alternatives to normal jail time so you won’t have to bring your toothbrush to a sentencing hearing.

Finally, I handle juvenile delinquency cases – and the juvenile justice system is an entirely different animal. I can assist your child from the initial intake process and help keep your child’s case from progressing any further.