Realize your constitutional right

with qualified help



civilCourtrooms are strange places.  What happens there with the single bang of a gavel could affect the rest of your life, your family, and even generations to come.  Unfortunately, the detailed laws and rules of court that have evolved over the centuries often don’t make sense to the uninitiated, and they can be extremely intimidating.

Whether you decide to bring a lawsuit – or are forced to defend against one filed against you – you need a practiced guide by your side to navigate the courtroom from the very beginning.  I regularly handle many types of civil litigation, and will put those skills to work for you.  My litigation experience will also enable you to realistically evaluate the likelihood of success before spending a boatload on legal fees.

I deal with all aspects of commercial litigation, including debt collection cases.  I also handle real estate disputes, like mortgage foreclosures and especially landlord-tenant matters.  In fact, because of my experience, I am a regular contributing author to the Montgomery Bar Association’s Civil Practice Manual, the definitive legal manual for practicing law in Montgomery County.  I have also served as the Manual’s editor-in-chief.

If you attempt to resolve a dispute out of court (or before court) through arbitration or mediation, you’ll likewise need an advocate to put your best case forward.  Because I serve as an arbitrator myself for the Montgomery County trial court, I’m especially familiar with what it takes to win a case before an arbitration panel.

In addition, if you don’t like a court’s decision, I can help you file an appeal which could lead to a more favorable result or a desirable settlement.