Realize your constitutional right

with qualified help



From the outset, your business needs a trusted legal advisor as part of its team. Modern commerce can lead those who aren’t prepared into unwanted situations that can slow you down or even close your doors. My broad legal experience makes me the right choice to be your legal counsel.

Initially, I can help you choose the right kind of legal entity for your business and I handle all types of incorporations.

Next, you’ll need a business attorney to help you draft and review your various contracts so you can effectively negotiate the right terms for you and meet your specific goals. In today’s economy, everything is negotiable – including the “standard terms” used in dealing with others. Let me translate the typical “legalese” and make it work for you.

Business disputes need not be a roadblock to your commercial enterprise. As your attorney, I can manage these distractions so that you can continue to run your business and meet your bottom line.

For employees, I can advise you about issues ranging from restrictive covenants to unemployment compensation.